November 19, 2016

About us


Being legally of sound is vital to the success and growth of your business.  Below is our list of services on a broad perspective of the legal services ATAJ can offer your business.


  • Our Vision
    Our VisionTo be the best partner Company in what we do.
  • Our Mission
    We strive to be distinguished by the track record of our successful business partnership have and support our clients to derive the maximum benefit from our services.
  • Our Values
    We therefore value:
  • Partnerships.
    Value adding partnership.
  • Customer satisfaction.
    By meeting and achieving our clients’ requirements and expectations.
  • Being results oriented.
    We provide real value with measurable results.
  • High innovative and creative skills.
    We have consolidated high skilled individuals within innovative and creative teams.
  • Visibility and accessibility.
    We will seek to maintain high visibility and be accessible to our clients.
  • Integrity.
    Above all, we value integrity

Debt Collection Solutions

Fiduciary Services

General Business Consulting

Business to Business Linkage

Cash flow is vital to the success and even survival of any business or property. Our debt collection service involves the recovery of debts owed to you that have been overdue for an overly extended amount of time.

This involves the scripting of wills and Trust Deeds. Our offerings in terms of wills and estates include:

  • Planning of estates and trusts
  • Drafting of wills and trusts
  • Updating of trusts
  • Updating of wills (codicils)
  • Safe custody service for wills where we are the nominated executor

Our services are targeted for the emerging market (SMME) and Blue Chip Companies

Review, develop corporate policies and procedures

We have a wide range of network of manufacturer, suppliers, business partners. We are able to find you perfect match both in the country or outside the Republic. Our approach includes but not limited to screening and drawing of necessary documentation.